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What is the Real Addiction to You? 

I asked myself this question many times through out my life:

"What is the Real Addiction?"

Do you know what the answer is? 

Inability to control once Desire & always finding excuse to "Why Not"? Nothing More.

We can be addicted to: people, chemicals, drugs, sex, things, tastes, visual effects, smells, touches, ideas, status, fame &, even our memories, believe it or not. You can also be addiction to your own name, fame or brand as well, &, without knowing , lead it to complete destruction. If you don't estimate your risks.


If you go too far in your expansion & exploration. We travel, so we can gain experience, & bring it back to our reality, use it with the purpose. Not so we can become others. I think this is where most people make crucial mistake They achieve little bit of success & become arrogant. "I can do it too! I know how they do it now!" People tend to overestimate themselves when they reach their initial goals.  "My Space", "Napster", "Facebook", "Meta", "FTX". These are some IT arrogance examples. Why? If you want to have online community concentrate on that. Only. There are enough cell phones, wi-fi calling companies & food delivery. They are specialist & professionals in their own sphere. If you began as a web site, stick with website. You interfere with their already intense competition. Just because you made bigger initial capital does not mean you have to stick your nose in every business. In order to become a politician people usually go to college. Just having money is not enough to become a king. Success can lead to failure this way. If your specialty is Feng Shui & Real Estate planning ~ just stick with that. 


Let others be a leaders, "bestsellers", best actors, designers, olympians & singers. Be able to redirect, ask for help & admit you are NOT all knowing being.  Sometimes, you have to stick with what you good at ~ planning, & be happy about one & only role. People are mostly addicted to their own Ego.


 What is the Real Freedom?

Having courage to say "Forever "NO", when YOU feel like it & Start Fresh.