How & What do you feel
about this picture?

Imagine, this weather would last 30 to 90 days. Just, as pictured.  What do you feel? Having this, as a daily routine weather for 3 months?  I am ok with it. I actually love it. But not everybody is like that. We all know, that weather & especially sunlight, have an emotional effect on feelings & moods. Before I relocated to Onondaga County, NY from California I never really paid attention to why people in some areas are more depressed then in others. I always found something to entertain myself with, since being little & spending a lot of time alone. I never questioned how I felt about sunny or gloomy days, specifically.  Many cultures in the World believe in good & bad luck, even the most atheists. Having a good office door or the front door can be one of the luck's factors. 

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"The HSBC Building was designed to have excellent feng shui. It is positioned with a clear view of the harbor, as water is associated with prosperity; the ground floor is an open atrium where wind and positive qi can flow; and the escalators were built at an angle, because evil spirits can only travel in a straight line.

The negative energy of the Bank of China Tower’s architecture, on the other hand, created some controversy. The pointed shapes of the tower look like sharp, knife-like edges, one pointing at the British Government House, and one pointing at the HSBC Building.

The British Government House saw various misfortunes in the years following the tower’s construction, as one governor lost his job, and his successor had a heart attack, and the entire city suffered during an economic downturn. In order to defend against the bad luck of the Bank of China Tower’s design, two maintenance cranes in the shape of cannons pointing towards the tower were installed on top of the HSBC Building. Apparently, no negative effects were felt after the cannons were installed." ~ Read more 


Weather & Our moods


I found this article "The Effect of Weather on Your Mood" & wanted to share. Hoping it may help some people struggling with "Bad weather mood swings".

What is the most  important if you feel this way? In the areas like this, with a lot of fog, gloomy days & weather changes, having a right friend & very reliable partner is 100% important.  But if you live alone, you should love this weather. Without exceptions, otherwise it will not lead to a very happy existence.

 Since I came here I heard from people who live in Onondaga their whole lives they would love to travel to California, or maybe even move. But then I heard from people, who also live here their entire lives here, that they? never seen lake Ontario, yet.  Age 20 Plus. It made me wonder, how different people & their lives & tastes are. I have visited Fair Haven Beach twice already, since being here for only a year. 

Depression can affect all of us, but just because the weather is gloomy, does not mean you can not

have & find a way to have fun.


Relocate to the Sunny Side Up?

Before you decided to purchase new home & relocate, make sure your check there "Mood Weather Report" of the place you relocating to. I bought the home in Onondaga County for example and was surprised to hear from people, that many local residents here are chronically depressed & want to move elsewhere. Because of the rain, snow & lack of sunny days.

"Onondaga County, New York gets 42 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Onondaga County averages 102 inches of snow per year.  The US average is 28 inches of snow per year. On average,

there are 161 sunny days per year in Onondaga County.

The US average is 205 sunny days." ~ read more

I guess everyone has a different perspective. We came

from California, with wildfires and mostly sunny days. All the time. Rain is a miracle there. It's great to have sun, 

but not all the time. Too much heat & sun can also cause fatigue. We need some variety. I don't get depressed here in NY.  I think half a year is plenty of sunny days. Plus

no other places in  America, has autumn like New England, Vermont, Rhode Island & New York, with all 4 season's colors. The smell of the freshly fallen fall leaves with the morning due on it. Nothing like this can be found in the South or the West.

Autumn Pond


What do yo do? Create

Fireplace Cuddle
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What do you do when everyone around you is depressed? 

ONONDAGA COUNTY,  for example, reported 4.7 "Poor mental health days" per month in September of 2021.


Make sure you pay attention to your kids behaviour. Find something for them to do other than daily routine, even if their routine is "just playing" . Change of activities is a good start. Cook together, walk the dog, shop or just take out garbage. Start a fireplace & have a cup of hot chocolate, out of the blue & off season.  

I travelled a lot, and lived in a somewhat remote

suburban towns in America, like Vail, CO, Sonora, CA or

Twain Harte, CA. They are filled with mental  & drug issues,

yet these are the places that are also partially the family cornerstone of America. Because of the living conditions, weather harshness & necessity of close relationships for survival, people in these kind of suburbs, spend time doing actual traditional things, beside dining & shopping. Like board games at home, movie nights, outdoor craft events, wine festivals, etc.  Compare to the rest of America they may

seam small & irrelevant, but in reality, these are the people

who develop & create the most successful farm brands.

On our tables. Many times you know the brand, but not

the face behind it. When you feel down ~ create. People

create everything, from candles on your center piece to the silver spoon on the Christmas tree.


If you don't have much, like wealth or things ~ read. Find a

book & read. Listen to the audio books, there are many free

& available on most cell phones,  to "waste time" & discuss

it with your friends later. Redirect your thoughts from

negative undertones. 


I think Onondaga County New York is like Tuolumne & Sierra Foothills in general, in many ways. California  is much more sunnier than Onondaga, and yet. Depression rate, &

drug addiction & violent crime rates there are not any less.

They produce great wines, meats, organic dairy, great cheese, great apple cider & cannabis products. This is where Real America actually happens, but many urban people  ~ never know it. The drawback, in a places like these they hate newcomers, especially, if they don't join their churches.
It's hard to
 fit in, even if you have the best intentions.

They all go to one church or one rodeo, you ~ never seen

a Rodeo in your life & never intend to join any churches.

You get the picture. Sometimes their hostility is open.

Situations like these can also make people feel depressed

& lonely. So, if you are like me, relocated to Onondaga
because of the climate & dream home, make sure to run all

 of these statistics before moving.

Finally, run your Astro Travel Report to see if you leave

near Saturn/Pluto clusters or crossings in your chart. Places

like this could lead to more depression than usual. And should be very carefully considered for family residence.


You are not alone 

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year
1 in 20 U.S. adults experience serious mental illness each year
1 in 6 U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year
50% of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75% by age 24
Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-14   ~ Read More 

Thinking Man on Couch

Fun Fact: Combination 5 & 4 in Chinese Numerology means 
"Deathless" or "Infinite". 


Mistakes had to be made for us to see the Right way. 

Remember, as time passes by, we see the past as "the stepping stone" into our future. Most scientific discoveries were the result of the accident. Mistakes usually lead to progress. Otherwise,

how would we learn?