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I ONLY specialize in Bazi Birth Analysis & Real Estate Flying Stars space corrections. Real Estate &

personal luck are my primary interest. I DO NOT offer any consultations, only FREE web school.

Both of my sites: www.Marinapolis4149.art & www.Marinapolis4149.org offer plenty of referrals

for people who do. I only chose videos & content by people who are not charlatans & at least know

classic basics.

I do NOT specialize in Qi Men Dun Jia. Please contact Dr. Alejandro Peñataro Sánchez of Daomac ® regarding this system. Qi Men Dun Jia is not exactly divination, I would call it a great strategic planning tool. I used his dissertation for all of the elemental personality characteristics. He charges $260.00 for a personal private consultation via Skype. He is fluent in German, Chinese, Spanish & English.

Raymond Lo in USA can be contacted for Bazi & iChing consultations via Jen Nicomedes.

His private consultations begin from $380.00. He speaks English & Chinese.


I share many calculators & videos by Mingli.ru & respect their educational style. I would personally recommend their web school & YouTube Channel. They are very creative when it comes to teaching basics. I use many of their videos for my video presentations here. But their videos are only available in

Russian Language. Believe it or not, this is a very competitive industry. Thank you. 

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