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Accessories & Feng Shui: How it works in terms of Flying Stars & Elements?

We all heard about color effects on our minds. How some people experience seizures, when there is too much Red color around, for example. Some people can experience depression from the color Blue excess. Too much White, for some, seams like a "Hospital scene". I heard this from other people.


Psychologist used light Green color, as a part of the therapeutics, to calm down aggression & Yellow with Orange tones, as a part of increasing positivity in depressed people. Here  some articles about this in terms of mainstream psychology


What is Color Therapy? Each person's Bazi or Birth Chart has various elements combined. This is also how we can determine each person's either lacks or over exaggeration of some personality characteristics & qualities. We can use clothes in various colors to support & balance our lives. We can also use physical materials to correct our environment based on individual needs. 

What are the Flying Stars?


This is movement pattern of the Big Dipper & it's directions, in relationships to the North Star. 


Their (Stars) flight pattern returns & changes, every day, month, year & 60 years. This pattern calendar 

has been kept current now, for more than 10,000 years.

But really, this is the pattern of the energetic effects of our environment on our everyday reality, based

on the movement of these stars. Planetary events effect & influence Earth's events. It is statistically recorded, analyzed & tested by Chinese metaphysics for centuries. These patterns can influence major world events, as well as minor personal issues. 

Knowing your own energetic patterns can be helpful, to avoid serious health issues, or at least trying to prevent major tragedy.


Flying Stars & Design Colors: 



1 = Water

Colors  Black & all shades of blue


2, 5 & 8 = Earth. 

Colors are all shades 

from Yellow to dark brown.


3 & 4 = Wood.

Colors are all shades & tones of green.

6 & 7 = Metal. Colors are 

all Metallic shades of gold, 

silver & grey & color White. 


9 = Fire

Colors are all shades of red, 

from light or pastel baby pink 

to dark purple.

Good Numbers


1 N Water

Ears, Blood, Kidneys, Bladder, Bones, Teeth, Hair,

Sex Organs, Uterus

Wisdom, fame and fortune

4 SE Wood

Thighs, Buttocks, Knees, Shins, Low Back

Romance, writing, academic achievements, creativity,

career achievement and success,

low moral (extramarital affairs, sexual encounters)

6 NW Metal

Head, Lungs, Large Intestine

Authority, respect, wealth (maybe with no power)

8 NE Earth

Hands, Fingers & Arms

Happiness, wealth, fame

Breakfast in Bed

Bad Numbers 

Stomach Pain


2 SW Earth

Stomach, Spleen Pancreas, Flesh, Fat, Abdomen

Health and Fertility problems, loneliness (favorable (monastics) and unfavorable (widowhood)

3 E Wood

Feet, Calves, Throat, Liver, Gall Bladder,

misfortune, quarrels, robbery and lawsuits

5 CENTER Earth

Back, Neck & Shoulders

Power, catastrophe, death, lawsuits, illness, pain, 

accidents, possibilities of fire, delays (Worst Number)

7 W Metal

Mouth (Teeth, Tongue), Chest & Skin

Competition, destruction, scandals, arguments, 

robbery, imprisonment


Enchancer Number

9 S Fire

Eyes, Heart, Small Intestine, Blood Vessels

Number 9 enhances ANY accompanied number,

both Good or Bad.

If you need to Control Energies, rather than Destroying,

use this pattern:


Wood Destroys Earth, 

while Water controls it.

Earth Destroys Water, 

while Fire Controls it. 

Water Destroys Fire, 

while Metal controls it.

Fire Destroys Metal, 

while Wood controls it.

Metal Destroys Wood, 

while Earth controls it.


If you need to Support Energy of the particular Element,

use this pattern:

5 elements in a cup


Wood burns & CREATES Fire.

Wood is the resource for Fire.

Fire burns & CREATES Earth. 

Fires is the resource for  Earth.

Earth interacts with environment &


Earth is the resource for Metal.​

Metal ~ CREATES Water,  by condensing

(under the influence of  the environment)

Metal is the resource for Water.

Water "feeds" the Wood.

Water is the resource for Wood.

How to deal with 5 Yellow

For example:  

You have a sector with flying stars combination 2-5-8. 

During the 8th Period, Number 8 has a "Good EnergyEffect",

while 2 & 5 are "Bad Energy Effects".

"Double Earth (5 & 8) Effect is Negative: Star 8 represents the

skin & Star 5 is the star of sickness. Resident staying in this sector will be prone to skin diseases. Un-favourable to the young children, between the age of 6 & 16.  Star 8 represents unmarried male

under 16. 

Double Earth (2 & 5) Effect is Negative: If facing star is either 2

or 5  with base star either 2 or 5, means financial instability,  

which may lead to bankruptcy.


Health issues: Stomach/intestinal cancer, miscarriage, long-term diseases and even death. This area should be avoided entirely."


When or if, you travel in the direction with this Flying Stars combination, do not expect anything good, rather anticipate loss

& unexpected turns of events.



Since, sometimes, people have no options & can not relocate completely, or even avoid area, by simply avoid major activities in this

sector, for the duration of the period (19 to 20 years) can help. Turn this sector into meditation room or yoga studio. Temporary. 

If this is front door, use it less, enter via garage, for example or side door, if you have one. If not use metal bells on the door handle,

1 or 6 pieces. Place objects, that you rarely use in this sector & use materials,as well as numbers to counteract this star.

& Just Remember : Wood, Metal & Water ~ control Earth & Fire.

Which accessories would you use?


Any TEXTILE is WOOD ELEMENT, ORGANIC of CAUSE. Blankets & Toss Pillows, fake silk flowers,

books are Wood Element. Storage Baskets are also Wood. Writing materials, printer corner, etc.

Any Ceramic Objects are EARTH ELEMENT: Vases (except wooded & metal once), Glass Lamp Shades, Natural Crystals & Dishes, etc. 

METAL OBJECTS are self-explanatory, but also our PC & Macs are Metal Element, as well fridge

& heavy gym equipment. Music instruments are also Metal element. Dog bowls, singing bowls, gongs,

etc. It is not recommended to use "Sharp Metal" like knives too much in interior design, but collectors

do it often. Just make sure you sit the sword on the wooded stand, to minimize the bad effects.  Air conditioner can be considered building Metal Element. 

Aquarium, pond, indoor sink & outdoor hose & any round objects are the WATER ELEMENT. Bathroom

that has a toilet together with the tub or shower IS NOT Water element. Only the room with soak tub or shower without toilet, can be considered as a building "Water Cure". 

FIRE ELEMENT is the stove, range (even if the range stainless steal), fireplace or indoor/outdoor heater, lamps & candles. ALSO you HAVE TO BE CAREFUL with PLACING EVERYWHERE TRADITIONAL IMAGES OF 12 ANIMAL SIGNS & THEIR PHYSICAL ALTERNATIVES, like IMAGES of HORSES, TIGERS, ROOSTERS, RATS ETC. Remember, 12 animal signs can have "internal conflicts", & having 2 horses in painting or statue, for example, in the room of someone, who was born in the year of the horse, can be dangerous ...


Do Not overreact. Pay attention to the number of the flowers in the vase.  In the sector with the strong

Flying Star number 4, adding another 4 flowers may not be beneficial. While adding 9 flowers would create

a Peach Blossom Effect.



Cast Aluminium and Tree Trunk chair

Design Example Question





Answer: "Fire Supported by Earth".  Why?

Silk Flowers are Wood, Wood "CREATES" Fire, Red color is Fire, & support "Production of Earth". While White Vase is "Earth weakened by Metal". 

This is a good vase to have in the sector that completely lacks Earth Element. 

But  you would need to use a METAL VASE (made out of METAL), if you 

want to cure 5 YELLOW. Wood (flowers) would weaken Earth, while Metal Vase would make 5 Yellow un-effective. For Combination 6 with 7 "Fighting Swords"Black or Water Colors are the best. Use blue rug or blue pottery here.

If you have a sector with bad 5 Yellow Base House star, which sofa

would you place here? 

Answer: You wouldn't place sofa there during 8th & up to the 1st period. 

But you can place wood table with heavy metal wheels & corners on it

& put the Metal Industrial Style Lamp. Hang the textile throw on the chair next to it. Use Blue or Black & white & grey tones in this sector.  Why?


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