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Navigating in Woods

Feng Shui Exterior

MAJOR "Invisible Things" that influence our lives:



Natural Environment 


Natural Environment such as mountains, deserts, oceans & rivers all have a major influence on our health, from weight to blood pressure & blood sugar levels. Sea levels & mountain slopes do have a different effect on our brain waves & heart rates. 


Manmade Environment

Aerial View of Flyover Bridges


Man made environment, such as hospitals & churches, with Yin Energy (negative energy), as well as Power Lines have a secondary, lesser, but still major influence on us. 

Most of the people DO NOT LIKE to live in the immediate vicinity of the Hospital or major healthcare facility, power plant or church building, cemetery or the funeral home. These represent

Yin or Negative Energy.

"Shopping Malls" & shopping in general, are considered to be Yang Energy. Same with the Townhouse, which has a business on the first floor:

it always has Yang energy on the first floor, due to the customer's traffic. Major Highways & Major roads

are also considered to be Yang or Positive Energy as well.

Mountains, flats & hills


In a modern world old traditional chinese writings have

a different meaning. In a urban setting term "Mountain" often refers to taller buildings & structures. So when it is recommended to have a "Mountain on the back", it means having taller building behind you. Or having "Headboard" on the bed, in case of the bedroom.

When you have no choice where to build the building

you live in, because your are the renter, you can at least consider landscape environment before renting it.


When it indicates, for example, "Mountain on the front"

is a bad combination for the property you can chose to rent in the building with the taller building behind yours (mountain) or real mountain landscape on the back,

rather than the front of your building. 


Water Bodies: ponds, lakes, rivers & Oceans

Autumn Forest


Water on top or "Water on the Back" is not very auspicious. You should move into the building with a front water view or water body located in the front

of the building's natural landscape, rather then it's back. 

Water on the back is considered to be psychologically complicated. People in the building with the Water on the back, depending on the flying stars combinations, may have a tendencies to be dishonest, cheaters, prone to intrigues, depression, infidelities, money problems, such as gambling or illegal money making attempts, etc.

24 Mountains Location Calendar


In today's reality you can, approximately, figure out any property's location using online tools. Using Google maps & online software. And you can do

it yourself. Simply use 24 Mountains Template Online  or other Mountain tools you

can find. 

This way you can have a clear idea regarding property's facing direction, as well as the future landscape. Plus, you can zoom almost to the bird 

or street view. It does not matter, if property is located in rural or urban environment.


Modern maps allow us to do this. Before renting it,

or looking like a mad man, when you arrive to the viewing with your Feng shui compass & freak out your realtor, you can decide at home, whether or not this property is what you want to see & where you want to live.

City Street at Dusk

Stars do change "Polarity", every here & there

Northern Lights


Remember,  during the Period 9, 2024 ~ 2044, Number 2 star Becomes "Timely " or "Mostly Positive". Instead of being star supporting  possible death or sickness, it gains qualities

of being nurturing. 


While Number 4 & Number 8 become "Untimely" or loose some of their positive  qualities.  Number 9 will become the literal "Star of the Show": most positive & most influencial. 


Period usually takes energetic effect about

2 years before the calendar date.

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