Couple on the Beach

Period 9 Fashion Industry Idea

In the past couple of decades, the wedding business, as well as the Fashion industry in general experienced its ups &  downs. More down than ups. Many bridal shops closed and designer shops filed for bankruptcy. I think during this new decade, something different needs to happen to bring the industry back to life.

I think having an Element-based colored wardrobe would be a great idea to start. Recommend client color scheme based on their birth color element. Couples can be matched for the wedding based on their elements as well. How do you feel about your wedding dress been ...

"Seafoam Green" or "Champagne blue" instead of white. And your groom would wear a "Metallic Ecru" or "Metalic Oak" suit? 

 I think stores need to adopt this strategy in advertising as well. 

"Your Elemental Colors Help your Luck.

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