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Feng Shui Garden

MAJOR "Invisible Things" that influence our lives:



Bagua Colors

Feng Shui Gardening

Feng Shui Gardening

Feng Shui Gardening
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Number One is North or Water 


North sector represents our Career or our Business.


It corresponds to element of Water Number 1, & all its colors & symbols. Such as ponds, lakes, rivers, seas, ocean, waterfalls, fountains & bird baths in outdoor designs; colors blue & black, but not grey.


You can plant an Apple Trees in the North of your garden. North is also the ONLY recommended place for planting "Weeping Cherry" on the property. It is

a great place to also plant Fern & Lavender. 


Water element represented by: indoor or outdoor fountains, pools, koi fish ponds or aquariums, that

you use to correct bad flying stars, if necessary, or activate the positive once.


Numbers Two, Five & Eight are
North East, Center & South West or Earth


South West represents our Love, Family, Marriage & Relationships.

Center is 5 Yellow, "Most Unexpected" & the Earth


North East sector represents our Education, Children

&  Wisdom.

All 3 sectors correspond to element of Earth. South West represented by Number 2. It represents female head of household, mother, parent, female spouse, love, sexual relationships, fertility & motherhood. 


Plant any red, pink, & orange flowers & shrubs here; use

the garden solar lights in decorating this sector, to active love, parenting & marriage luck. You can plant: Peony, Lilac, Lavender, Lilly's of the Valley, sharpless Roses; Avocado, Artichoke; Cherry, Peaches & Plumb trees in South West.


If this sector is missing on your home, but you have a

land to build on, build a stone, brick or wood fence with

the metal gate & lock, in this sector. Plant Love Plants & Flowers listed above & add Solar Gardening lights to this sector. 


North East represented by Number 8, corresponds to 

the youngest son, & younger male generation in general. North East is also related to everythings that has to do with Real Estate properties, from building it to management & sales, &, general material estate's wealth. In the garden,

you can use any beige & brown rocks & pebbles, decoration tones, plant orange & yellow colored flowers here, but

DO NOT place any "Water" related Feature here, unless

it was s