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Home buying virtual vs physical: why you need to see the house in-person, before you purchase it. Period.

Many people in recent months are wondering why we have so many Realtors? Because we can not buy a houses virtually. Unless you buy them with the purpose to completely leveling out.

Couple of weeks ago my sons and I decided to make a trip to Rochester, NY to see the properties available for sale, that were listed with walkability score of at least 60%. We saw 4 houses out

of 6 planned, 2 were placed under contract before our viewing date. So, let me admit this: houses I wanted the most of the picture, end up being the disappointing realization, that most of the old properties are in the need of major renovations and floor plan re-design.

First, let me start with: I love classic OLD "colonials and victorians". "Split levels" come second, "Cape Codes" third, and open kitchen floor plan is a MUST. In Rochester, NY there are plenty of the properties like this, however... Either neighborhood is very questionable or house has unfixable flaws, like very narrow stairs. I nearly fell on the main staircase of the "Dream House"

I had picked online. It was perfect otherwise, but these stairs are the main entry point to the second floor. They were horrible, but appropriate for 1900th house, I guess.

Second property that was "to good to be true", has been completely remodeled, however, had a very heavy mold and stale smell , as soon as we walked in, dungeon looking basement, that I would be afraid to even walk into and front bay window so low, that people on the street can pick into your window... neighborhood was also not the safest.

Last thing is "Walkability". I do NOT consider Henrietta, NY and Pittsford, NY area as "Walkable". Sorry. I was actually heart broken about the stairs in "Dream Colonial Farmhouse". I was ready to make an offer, if I would have not seen the stairs, and my kids complained that it was still too far to walk from major shopping ...



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