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How to determine what to do during the decade?

Many people wonder what to do and how to see your luck possibility during the certain decades. What do the stars and elements tell us to do and why?

So how do you look at the decade luck? First you see if there are any conflicts between elements of your birth Bazi and the decade. You look at both, the elemental conflict and the branch conflicts.

Determine your best decade, with your most beneficial elements. It is always better, if this is a decade after the age of 45+. Otherwise it may mean hardship as you get old, it is always much harder to survive with bad luck as you age. Next, you determine what stars telling you about this particular period? Do you have a "Nobleman" within this decade to help you with any troubles? What stars dominate positive or negative? Then you make decision what to do.

If you, for example, have "No Nobleman" and have many "loss stars" like "Forlorn", "Crying star" or "Bloody knife", this may indicate period, when you need to step outside the spotlight and go deep within. Take a time off from public eye and meditate, grow internally or concentrate on inner growth, rather then outer expansion.

While during the period filled with "Nobleman", "Promotion" with "Peach Blossom" you should try to expand and express yourself, as much as you want. Consider the current period you are in within your Bazi as well. Remember, Hour branch indicates life period after the age of 45+ until the end of our lives. Year branch indicated childhood up to teenage age, Month branch indicates age 15 to 30, Day branch age 30 until 45.



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