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How to improve your luck: learn your elements

Many people ask this question: how fast does Feng Shui works and would everyone become a millionaire?

It all depends. I study it since I was 16. I am not a millionaire, and I don't even have a steady daily income, only passive one. However, I do owe 3 fully paid off properties, each valued at leasts $400K, and, I live on rental income 2 of them give me. I have no debts and I have no stress. It took me nearly 30 years to get to where I am, but I did it.

How did Feng Shui help me? I found a right husband when I was 23. I preserved this marriage for over 20 years, until he passed away in 2019. I did use Feng Shui to do it and I used Feng Shui

in all of my dealings with people. My life, of cause, was not without traumas and major stress for 30 years, but all of these things were minor compare to my goals.

Using knowledge of correcting unfriendly energies during unlucky periods helped me a lot. Instead of "swimming against the current", I quit my bank job and spend nearly decade volunteering and studying Dharma. This in turn prepared me for my spouse's sudden and unexpected death at the age of 45, I was only 43. If I would not have known this was expected,

I probably could have followed completely different path, and, who know what would have happened.

So, iChing and Feng Shui and their ideas are more connected to our physical reality then we can imagine.

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