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I was asked for an interview by

  1. How did you get into Feng Shui and what drew you to it?

I began learning iChing when I was 16 and eventually end up learning Bazi and Chinese metaphysics almost full time. 

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2.    For people not closely familiar with it can you explain the ideas and principles behind Feng Shui?

Where we live what surrounds us, what we see and what we hear daily has an influence on our health and overall wellbeing, including our wealth. This includes Earth and Space Weather. Our moods and emotions, we also directly influenced by this environment, both indoors and outdoors. This is how the physical environment affects our inner or invisible environment. Feng Shui is science of the energies around us. 

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3.    What can you tell me about your self-discovery work? 

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This condition does not have a cure. So, in 2010 I quit my great Citibank job, got accepted into Academy of Art University of SF  at the school of Web Design and New Media. Same year I began searching for the alternative medicine, and more important root causes of my MS. I spend next several years in university, spend several years in silent retreat, and did several spiritual retreats in various Dharma centers. I also volunteered for two non-profits, full time, between 2010 and 2016. I never stoped learning Bazi, simply because this system can help pinpoint possible medical issues person may be facing.

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4.   How can you help a person find their "happiest location”?

Since we all influenced by invisible environmental energies of planets and invisible stars, attitude, sex and love preferences, taste in foods and drinks, as well as choice of personal sports varies, depending on the environment you live in and location you pick.Two different mountain areas, for example, located on about the same elevation, but with different planetary clusters active, will have completely different mental and physical effect on the person. He or she will like to drink wine and eat heavier meats in the mountains, vs seaside, or lakeside, where most people would crave lighter wines, drinks and foods or tend to have more active lifestyles. But this information can only be obtained Individually. Each of us has completely different birth chart, even people born at the same day and time. 2 minutes birth time difference can become crucial in terms of personal events. There is no such a thing as universally good or bad place to live. 

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5.   What motivates you to keep doing the work you're doing now?

Definitely personal love for the topic, it is simply part of who I am. I use Bazi for travel, I use Bazi for all of my event planning, business transactions, etc. Also desire to share helpful information. May be someone else would become inspired to learn this and help others. This is what keeps teachings and knowledge alive, people who devote their lives to lifetime learning. Bazi existed and stays popular for over 5000 years now.

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