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What makes a house "Haunted"

We often hear stories about haunted houses with spirits and ghosts. Is it really possible for someone's spirit to exist longer than 180 years? Yes and no. Combination of the flying stars 8 - 1 also called the "Ghost Gate".

When both of these stars are untimely. The 8 earth star represents "ghost gate", and the number 1 water star, represents "hidden". If you have this sector in your home the sector with 8-1 combination, especially if this is dark and cluttered, it will cause illusions, mental problems or paranormal activities. 

Example of the Real Ghost House is the Ware's Folly - The Georgia Trust, located at

506 Telfair St, Augusta, GA 30901.

Originally built in 1818 (during the 7th period), remodeled in 1937 (during the 4th period). This property is facing NW3. During the 7th (original building period), 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 9th period this property has/had 1-8 or 8-1 combinations, sometimes twice.

Depending on quality of each of the stars during each period, possibility does exist, for paranormal activities to appear on this property.

  • During period 7 both stars are positive, because for this period number 8 represents "future prosperity" and number 1 is timely.

  • During period 8, obviously, number 8 is "present prosperity" with number 1 being usable.

  • Finally, during period 9, number 8 becomes declining, "past prosperity" and untimely, while number 1 represents "future prosperity".

  • During period 2 and 3 both of these stars can turn rather negative, they are untimely and unusable. Number 1 will become declining "past prosperity", while number 8 is timely and usable during period 2 , yet declining during period 3.

If not remodeled entirely, during the 4th or the 6th period, this property will always have possibility of "ghosts" issues and/or paranormal activities. These are the only two periods when

8-1 combination leaves this chart entirely.

If you owe the property with these combinations, no need to freak out. You can remodel to create an open plan in this sector, unobstructed by any walls, turn it into the sun room with many glass windows and, keep the bright lights on, keep this sector clean. Never hang the wind chimes in this sector during it's negative time.



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