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How to build a HappyVillage

In my 25 + years living in this country, I have seen the cities & and towns, going up & and down, from the prime to poverty. I have seen the Real Estate bloom & and collapse, the Tech sector rise & and fall, and people's minds & and lives undergo multiple collapses. I have seen history repeat itself in many areas of our lives. The Economic and Political climate of this huge country is very different, state by state. Most of the time, states have internal issues. I grew up in a family of "Doctors & Militaries". We had to deal with & and face the "Death" more than "Life". If people got on the same page in seeing suburbs as a core of Urban communities, we may have a better chance for a happy society. This is my take on the sense of Community & and how to build one & and keep it safe.



Do not use Subprime or Big Banks for Mortgages. Use Local Credit Unions.

When you have a community with a lot of migrant traffic, you want to preserve local traditions. The best way to have control of the area is

to control Real Estate.  Finance all local Real Estate with only local credit Union. You have much better control of the neighborhood's financial health. Having this control can help to prevent neighborhood collapse during hard times.


Support local SMALL businesses, by helping each other. When you rely on corporations as clients, you are at higher risk of losing. When you build a customer base through the local community, you have more chances to survive during a financial crisis. Build, open businesses  

& create for local people who need it, not for the sake of big Corporations who are here temporarily.


Law Enforcement Local Only

Local policing only. When people do not live in a neighborhood, or live & feel that they are there temporarily, they usually do not care. Same with the police. If law enforcement does not live in the area ~ they don't care. They will shoot before they speak. The community is always safer if the police are local & and care for their safety.

Monitoring Room


Keep Religion out of the Earlier Education System. Invest in Advanced Technologies at school

Kid Playing with Element Mockup

In a small suburban community, churches are often the main early childhood entertainment. Why? Single parents, formal felons, and unlucky people usually find the places of worship helpful. However, besides emotional comfort, this can also hinder their children's progress in modern society.


My kids suffered as a result of my excessive charity & and volunteering work involvement over the past 10 years. 

Suburban schools should also try to use more advanced technology. Everywhere. 

Schools should never be directly influenced by spirituality or religion. Unless we all switch to one religion overnight, none of them should have a place in public schools. 

Private schools are a different matter.  My sons graduated from Private Online School. 


Allow Local Freedom of Religion by celebrating each others holidays Officially. Otherwise ~ be proud & keep it private.

To keep religious freedom & and yet keep the education system clear of religious influence, creating festivals for people once

a year & and making it official is a much healthier option, than everyday preaching to each other. This way community will thrive & and share each other's joy if they choose. Keep churches away from public life. They should exist as sanctuaries of peace or solitude. For everyone in need. They should manage shelters & and nursing facilities or hospices. Outside community limits,

but not too far. 


Religious & and criminal racketeering is probably the biggest

reason people from Europe do not like to invest in the American economy. I often think about the so-called integration problem in Scandinavia in recent years. Why do immigrants, especially from the Middle East not integrate right? It is the law & and also social preferences. As many governments see the need for an external employment force

in aging or low-growth population areas, society & aging population itself, do not see this as a need or problem. It is exactly why newly arriving immigrants, both legal and illegal, come with hope for a new chance: at wealth, status, or social success, but become social rejects instead. No one except the government wanted immigrants but refused to admit it needed them for economic reasons. Now, demand is extremely low & need for housing is extremely high, with not enough jobs to fulfill everyone's skills. The USA is in a state of overpopulation. Period. And extreme lack of affordable quality housing.

Teen Prayer Group


Keep All Social Roles & professions in their Own Communities. No it's not discrimination, it's reality.

Veteran Memorial Service

As I was watching the news, about Police Academy having trouble recruiting, Militaries having trouble recruiting the younger generation,

I began to wonder, if I may be right, about feeling that Law Enforcement, as well as Militaries, need to live separately, from most civilians. They can not relate to each other, unfortunately. I had this situation in my own family. 

I was raised by military officers, while 2 of my spouses were either

raised in a different social class or were against the idea of service.

This is a very difficult situation for everyone involved. Often it causes families to develop conflicts, especially when it comes to raising children. I believe it is always better, if people of professional services like law enforcement or the military live in their separate communities where they work,  live & and socialize. They don't get civilians & and most civilians don't get them.


Because, if civilians attempt to live in their neighborhoods it causes disasters. Children of non-military can not find a job or are picked on by people who were in service. They judge weaker people. Disabled people feel degraded by their excessive up-in-your-face fitness abilities.  It is always better to make sure communities contain people that find each other pleasant, rather than irritating. One of two families in a community is plenty of local law enforcement. Balance has to exist, as well

as common sense. 


Same with the felons & and their children. They can not relate to regular people who never had to suffer. It's not their fault, but this is our reality. No matter how many centuries pass this is something our reality created & and we can not avoid or ignore. The church is not helping to bring everyone from different classes together, It just does not. Unfortunately. Society is unwilling to see or admit it.

Why do immigrants, often do not want to integrate into the new society? They confuse promised equality with lawlessness, they see America in a "pink glasses". They dominating cultural structure, from LGBT to fully confederate neighborghoods. But no one wants to admit it. I will admit  we lived in 3 confederate neighborghoods in USA.

Psychologically, people who face death, violence & and stupidity day after day 24x7 are prone to see reality differently, from people who go to prep school, hoping that this will make their life more successful or

make them change their social ladder.  It is normal, that these people have a hard time connecting to each other on a social level. It is absolutely normal. People, eventuly, always gravitate to their own kind.

We all want equality, but it can only exist in our OWN COMMUNITIES. WITHIN OUR OWN CLASS. Otherwise, we will have wars ... Because internally all people want exactly the same ~ to be happy. But definition variable for everyone. "Your happy" & "my happy" may be completely opposite. People confuse the meaning of the word equality with cultural supremacy.

How do you achieve success & "eliminate" "lower class"? Support each other. Teach children to help the less fortunate. That's it.  Nothing else

is needed. Teach your child : "Look, this person is suffering & we are not,

at the moment. Let's give them a little bit of our luck & make it better

for everyone". Teach by reading cultural fair tales, teach by example & teach via entertainment. Parents program children for either success or failure. Program yours for better luck. Communities will thrive this way.

Townhouse Community Layout
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