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  • How to determine what to do during the decade?

    Many people wonder what to do and how to see your luck possibility during the certain decades. What do the stars and elements tell us to do and why? So how do you look at the decade luck? First you see if there are any conflicts between elements of your birth Bazi and the decade. You look at both, the elemental conflict and the branch conflicts. Determine your best decade, with your most beneficial elements. It is always better, if this is a decade after the age of 45+. Otherwise it may mean hardship as you get old, it is always much harder to survive with bad luck as you age. Next, you determine what stars telling you about this particular period? Do you have a "Nobleman" within this decade to help you with any troubles? What stars dominate positive or negative? Then you make decision what to do. If you, for example, have "No Nobleman" and have many "loss stars" like "Forlorn", "Crying star" or "Bloody knife", this may indicate period, when you need to step outside the spotlight and go deep within. Take a time off from public eye and meditate, grow internally or concentrate on inner growth, rather then outer expansion. While during the period filled with "Nobleman", "Promotion" with "Peach Blossom" you should try to expand and express yourself, as much as you want. Consider the current period you are in within your Bazi as well. Remember, Hour branch indicates life period after the age of 45+ until the end of our lives. Year branch indicated childhood up to teenage age, Month branch indicates age 15 to 30, Day branch age 30 until 45.

  • How to improve your luck: learn your elements

    Many people ask this question: how fast does Feng Shui works and would everyone become a millionaire? It all depends. I study it since I was 16. I am not a millionaire, and I don't even have a steady daily income, only passive one. However, I do owe 3 fully paid off properties, each valued at leasts $400K, and, I live on rental income 2 of them give me. I have no debts and I have no stress. It took me nearly 30 years to get to where I am, but I did it. How did Feng Shui help me? I found a right husband when I was 23. I preserved this marriage for over 20 years, until he passed away in 2019. I did use Feng Shui to do it and I used Feng Shui in all of my dealings with people. My life, of cause, was not without traumas and major stress for 30 years, but all of these things were minor compare to my goals. Using knowledge of correcting unfriendly energies during unlucky periods helped me a lot. Instead of "swimming against the current", I quit my bank job and spend nearly decade volunteering and studying Dharma. This in turn prepared me for my spouse's sudden and unexpected death at the age of 45, I was only 43. If I would not have known this was expected, I probably could have followed completely different path, and, who know what would have happened. So, iChing and Feng Shui and their ideas are more connected to our physical reality then we can imagine.

  • My interview for

    I was asked for an interview by Here it is, my re-cap. How did you get into Feng Shui and what drew you to it? I began learning iChing when I was 16 and eventually end up learning Bazi and Chinese metaphysics almost full time. 2.    For people not closely familiar with it can you explain the ideas and principles behind Feng Shui? Where we live what surrounds us, what we see and what we hear daily has an influence on our health and overall wellbeing, including our wealth. This includes Earth and Space Weather. Our moods and emotions, we also directly influenced by this environment, both indoors and outdoors. This is how the physical environment affects our inner or invisible environment. Feng Shui is science of the energies around us. 3.    What can you tell me about your self-discovery work? In 2006 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This condition does not have a cure. So, in 2010 I quit my great Citibank job, got accepted into Academy of Art University of SF  at the school of Web Design and New Media. Same year I began searching for the alternative medicine, and more important root causes of my MS. I spend next several years in university, spend several years in silent retreat, and did several spiritual retreats in various Dharma centers. I also volunteered for two non-profits, full time, between 2010 and 2016. I never stoped learning Bazi, simply because this system can help pinpoint possible medical issues person may be facing. 4.   How can you help a person find their "happiest location”? Since we all influenced by invisible environmental energies of planets and invisible stars, attitude, sex and love preferences, taste in foods and drinks, as well as choice of personal sports varies, depending on the environment you live in and location you pick.Two different mountain areas, for example, located on about the same elevation, but with different planetary clusters active, will have completely different mental and physical effect on the person. He or she will like to drink wine and eat heavier meats in the mountains, vs seaside, or lakeside, where most people would crave lighter wines, drinks and foods or tend to have more active lifestyles. But this information can only be obtained Individually. Each of us has completely different birth chart, even people born at the same day and time. 2 minutes birth time difference can become crucial in terms of personal events. There is no such a thing as universally good or bad place to live. 5.   What motivates you to keep doing the work you're doing now? Definitely personal love for the topic, it is simply part of who I am. I use Bazi for travel, I use Bazi for all of my event planning, business transactions, etc. Also desire to share helpful information. May be someone else would become inspired to learn this and help others. This is what keeps teachings and knowledge alive, people who devote their lives to lifetime learning. Bazi existed and stays popular for over 5000 years now.

  • Home buying virtual vs physical: why you need to see the house in-person, before you purchase it. Period.

    Many people in recent months are wondering why we have so many Realtors? Because we can not buy a houses virtually. Unless you buy them with the purpose to completely leveling out. Couple of weeks ago my sons and I decided to make a trip to Rochester, NY to see the properties available for sale, that were listed with walkability score of at least 60%. We saw 4 houses out of 6 planned, 2 were placed under contract before our viewing date. So, let me admit this: houses I wanted the most of the picture, end up being the disappointing realization, that most of the old properties are in the need of major renovations and floor plan re-design. First, let me start with: I love classic OLD "colonials and victorians". "Split levels" come second, "Cape Codes" third, and open kitchen floor plan is a MUST. In Rochester, NY there are plenty of the properties like this, however... Either neighborhood is very questionable or house has unfixable flaws, like very narrow stairs. I nearly fell on the main staircase of the "Dream House" I had picked online. It was perfect otherwise, but these stairs are the main entry point to the second floor. They were horrible, but appropriate for 1900th house, I guess. Second property that was "to good to be true", has been completely remodeled, however, had a very heavy mold and stale smell , as soon as we walked in, dungeon looking basement, that I would be afraid to even walk into and front bay window so low, that people on the street can pick into your window... neighborhood was also not the safest. Last thing is "Walkability". I do NOT consider Henrietta, NY and Pittsford, NY area as "Walkable". Sorry. I was actually heart broken about the stairs in "Dream Colonial Farmhouse". I was ready to make an offer, if I would have not seen the stairs, and my kids complained that it was still too far to walk from major shopping ...

  • Unlock the Locked house during the 9th period

    This "energetic lock" effects all homes, built during the last 8th period (between 2004-2024), period 7 (1984-2004) that are facing/sitting either: E1, W1, NW3, or SE 3. What does locked energy means? When the Water star or the Mountain star match the period star and located together at the center. It simple means stars loose their benefits, if they can not move, by being "locked" in the middle. In order to unlock this energy you can literally open the ceiling and create a skylight, window on the roof with the view of the skies. Or you can use 5 Yellow Water star to unblock the lock. What does this mean? Find the corresponding 5 Yellow Water star on your house chart and open the space between center and 5 yellow. Remove the door or wall, if you have one there or instal new clear glass door. Small trick, if you can not do anything: hang the mirror in the center with the view of 5 yellow sector. You can also use Outdoor Water adjacent to the sector containing either Mountain or Water 5 yellow. Do not forget to check your landscape. If your house sits on the hill, has a higher ground behind with much lower elevation below or has stairs, that lead to the front door this lock is already partly cured. I happened to have a kitchen in the center. I have a sink in the direction of South with Water 5 Yellow star for unlocking center 9, with a window to the backyard, and, laundry utility sink downstairs on the first floor. I did not have to do much to unlock it. My open floor plan helped.

  • How to transform a Bad luck into the Good luck

    After my spouse was diagnose and passed away within a month from Leukemia in April of 2019, I decided to concentrate on improving my own life and the lives of my sons. I sustained over $116K in financial loses, while living in California between 2007 and 2021. Feng Shui became my priority number 1. I researched and analyzed every possible location on US, where all of us , together, could be successful and happy, safe, and, not prematurely killed. Before my spouse passed away, between 1998 and 2019, I did the same things, considered Feng Shui of every place we rented or purchased, but I did not consider an actual location of our relocations ... I realized, that our demise must have been, at least partially, contributed to the wrong Real Estate purchase location. But. My marriage date selection saved me from being broke after my spouse's death. I looked into multiple systems of Astrology, from Jyotish to Qi Men Dun Jia and determined: CNY are, Lake Placid, NY and Vermont Mountain Region came as a primary locations choices in USA. In Europe it was either Ireland, London area or ... Rome, Italy. In South America it was a Patagonia Region ... So, I bough two house in CNY. One for rent and one to live in. I have to say ~ it takes patience and a lot of determination to do this. If you knew that you can get killed somewhere, at about 99% accuracy, would you still visit this place? My advise? JUST DON'T GO THERE. Do not test your luck. Getting information "as a warning" is rare. Most people don't pay attention to warning like this. Which is too bad.

  • Flickering hallway lights and "Hungry Ghosts" stars 7-8-9

    I had several maintenance issues right after I had moved in to my current home in August of 2021. One is that light in the dining room in the East and hallway from the center to the West were flickering. One of two electricians I spoke with after checking all circuits were joking: "It must be a Ghost". Which made me laugh as a Feng Shui Practitioner. But one day I decided to replace both lights, and called a very good electric company. This time when the guy opened old lamp and took it off the wires we noticed that insulation under the wires were ... burned. Wires were so faulty, electric fire was about to start. I promptly replaced all old light fixtures in the house that day. But to be honest, main reason I decided to replace hallway light was flying stars combination I actually have there: 7- 8-9 "Chance of Fire Accidents". Combination 7-9 means fire hazard. This flickering began to bother me, and after adding additional electrical line upstairs it did not stop, I figures it must be light fixtures wiring. And I replaced them all. I think I was right on time, as the insulation lining of the old lamp was already very visibly damaged by melted wire. So, may be other electricians were right, "it was a Ghost who told me" ...

  • Alchemy of Day Master

    It is very interesting to see the personality with emotional and intellectual side of each Bazi Day Master combination based on each element's character. First I want to explain why I like to do this analysis. It keeps brain trained, it keeps your understanding of the patterns and logical connections fresh. Most important it teaches to concentrate and analyze, at the same time. Eventually, you will simply begin recognizing the patterns when you will see the chart, without need to look for a book or notes from the class. So, back to Bazi. Take for example day Masters: Jia Shen ~ Yang Wood Monkey (Yang Metal), and, Ren Wu ~ Yang Water Horse (Yang Fire). Compare all characteristics of each element and then image how conflicting this person can be, what personality he/she has. Then try to express the opposite elements in different order Bing Zi for example, Yang Fire Rat (Yang Water). Finally, analyze Yi Mao ~ Yin Wood Rabbit (Yin Wood). This is a full personality spectrum of the person with following chart: iChing : 19 (annual branch), 57 (monthly branch), 64 (day master), 27 (hour branch) Wood over Metal Person striving for Expansion and Contraction, at the same time, he is searching for Purpose and Order, he is a Pioneer and Alchemist, preoccupied with Work and Rituals. He is compelled to Win and to Control, he seeks the Perfect Cause within the Perfect System, tends to stay Risky and Busy, yet Follows High Order and Make Judgements. He is afraid to Be Helpless and be Corrupt. For this person, this combination represent Day Master or self-element and life period between age of 25-45, relationships with partner, spouse, lover, if any. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 64 or Nearing Completion Water over Fire Person striving for Consolidation and Fusion, at the same time, he is searching for Truth and Fulfillment, he is a Philosopher and Wizard, preoccupied with Secrets and Stimulation. He is compelled to Criticize and to Consume, he seeks the Perfect Teacher and the Perfect Lover, tends to seek Solitude and Avoid Exposure, yet seeks Excitement and wants to make contacts. He is afraid to Be Extinct and be Cut Off. For this person's life this combination represent month branch and life period between 12(15)-25, relationships with parents and siblings, if any. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 57 or Gentle Penetration Fire above the Water Person striving for Fusion and Consolidation, he is searching for Fulfillment and Truth, he is a Wizard and Philosopher, preoccupied with Stimulation and Secrets, at the same time. He is compelled to Consume and Criticize, he seeks the Perfect Lover and the Perfect Teacher, seeks Excitement and wants to make contacts, but then seeks Solitude and tends to Avoid Exposure. He is afraid to be Cut Off and Become Extinct. For this person this combination represent hour branch and life period between 45+ until end of life, relationships with children, grandchildren, if any. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 27 or Nourishment Wood on the Grass Person striving for Expansion and searching for Purpose, he is a Pioneer, preoccupied with Work. He is compelled to Win and seeks the Perfect Cause, tends to stay Risky and Busy, yet  is afraid to Be Helpless. His emotional addiction is to be Aroused, his sexual value is More , better, longer. With the Wood Over Grass, however I would have to say with Woods being Yin, rather then Yang, all of the above qualities can be either both minimized, as well as expressed as negative opposites. It means instead of being preoccupied with Work, person can refuse to work or quit and decide to live in seclusion and serenity, enjoying non-commercial causes. Instead of expansion, he/she can choose to go in opposite direction. In the above example you can see that person is predominantly Yang, Yin Wood can be most likely expresses as an opposite. In the general chart analysis, this period in person's life (Annual Branch) represent birth, earlier childhood, up to the age of 12-15, relationships with grandparents and family elders. If you have these combination in client's chart you can ask questions to confirm weather or not this period in their life was positive, busy, filled with studies, or this was a period of minimal activities. This way you can determine this particular combination's effect on the particular person's life. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 19 or Approach of Spring. When it comes to any combination of the elements with the same or similar qualities, it is always important to confirm effect of the combination on the particular person. Each person is very different. When you look at iChing analysis of the chart during each period, you can predict what and how person may feel and what events or emotions he may experience during these years. These are some other charts with different set of energies to play with: iChing : 57, 5, 35, 11 May 7, 2002 iChing : 47, 21, 26, 12 January 14, 2004 iChing : 64, 35, 61, 25 November 8, 2004 iChing : 27, 61, 2, 10 March 28, 1996 iChing : 23, 63, 7, 38 February 13, 1983 iChing : 22, 58, 25, 39 April 23, 1973 - April 6, 2019 iChing : 16, 28, 41, 12 June 17, 1947 - October 14, 1997 iChing : 30, 52, 25, 7 October 21, 1950 iChing : 63, 37, 11, 52 February 23, 1914 - August 17, 2000 iChing : 41, 12, 5, 60 November 7, 1927 - July 10, 2010 iChing : 43, 21, 53, 62 January 17, 1954

  • What makes a house "Haunted"

    We often hear stories about haunted houses with spirits and ghosts. Is it really possible for someone's spirit to exist longer than 180 years? Yes and no. Combination of the flying stars 8 - 1 also called the "Ghost Gate". When both of these stars are untimely. The 8 earth star represents "ghost gate", and the number 1 water star, represents "hidden". If you have this sector in your home the sector with 8-1 combination, especially if this is dark and cluttered, it will cause illusions, mental problems or paranormal activities. Example of the Real Ghost House is the Ware's Folly - The Georgia Trust, located at 506 Telfair St, Augusta, GA 30901. Originally built in 1818 (during the 7th period), remodeled in 1937 (during the 4th period). This property is facing NW3. During the 7th (original building period), 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 9th period this property has/had 1-8 or 8-1 combinations, sometimes twice. Depending on quality of each of the stars during each period, possibility does exist, for paranormal activities to appear on this property. During period 7 both stars are positive, because for this period number 8 represents "future prosperity" and number 1 is timely. During period 8, obviously, number 8 is "present prosperity" with number 1 being usable. Finally, during period 9, number 8 becomes declining, "past prosperity" and untimely, while number 1 represents "future prosperity". During period 2 and 3 both of these stars can turn rather negative, they are untimely and unusable. Number 1 will become declining "past prosperity", while number 8 is timely and usable during period 2 , yet declining during period 3. If not remodeled entirely, during the 4th or the 6th period, this property will always have possibility of "ghosts" issues and/or paranormal activities. These are the only two periods when 8-1 combination leaves this chart entirely. If you owe the property with these combinations, no need to freak out. You can remodel to create an open plan in this sector, unobstructed by any walls, turn it into the sun room with many glass windows and, keep the bright lights on, keep this sector clean. Never hang the wind chimes in this sector during it's negative time.

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