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Taro Cards Reading/ Оракул 21 Тары +

Available Online

Archangel Power ®; The Blind Spot ® ; Energy Oracle ®; 21 Tara Oracle ®; Archangel Oracle ®.

  • 15 minutes
  • 21.99 US dollars
  • Old Homestead Road

Service Description

Experience the mystical and enlightening Taro Card Reading with the Tibetan Cosmic Magic 21 Tara Oracle® offered by Feng Shui Division. This practice is best done on the days specific to the deity or auspicious dates. You can check the calendar of various Tibetan pujas and celebrations here: This can help you pick the date. If you doing this yourself, read the "21 Tara Praises" ( before you work with beads. If you don't have a beads just use mala to count to the answer. Assume that black bead is 22nd on the mala, select one bead between 1 and 22, count which number is it and then read the answer by specific number Tara. You do need a book for the answer and Mantra recommendations. You can find a book here: Our readings give you a choice to draw from multiple powerful sources, beside Tibetan, such as Energy Oracle ® by Sandra Taylor, The Blind Spot® by Teal Swan, Archangel Power Taro © by Radleigh Valentine, Archangel Oracle Cards ® by Doreen Virtue, and more, all to provide you with clarity and insight. It is up to your personal culture. Sometimes, we are in need of superpower answers we can not find alone. This is why many people use various tools to communicate with various invisible energetic fields in this reality. It's a prehistoric practice, much like a prayer that gives our minds re-issurance in existence of something other that this difficult reality, something we are unable to feel otherwise. So Taro Cards and beads are one of the energetic tools people use to find these answers. We simply help you answer question, when you don't trust your own intuition. Through this reading, you are the energy that is asking and answering questions, while we simply facilitate the information flow. I spend 6 years volunteering for various Dharma centers in USA, in various roles, from SPC to graphic designer and event planner. I worked directly with HH Choden Rinpoche and his attendant in his centers in CA, from 2012 through August of 2016. I also spend couple of years in retreat specific to the Tara practice. If you are interested in history of practices and general history of divination, visit book resources: I was certified in "Feng Shui and Four Pillars" by Raymond Lo ® in San Francisco, CA in 2015.

Contact Details

  • 13154872162

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