Sexy Budget

When you live on a minimum salary, due to unexpected life changes you learn how to become money-creative.

I live on $1,496.00 a months disability income or $17,950.00 a year.  Next year I was advised they will only pay me $1,323.00

a month, beginning January 2023. Which would be $15,876.00 a year.  One of my sons still in school & is under 21.  Luckily, I have no rent or mortgage. My total budget as follow:

  1. Property Taxes for the main home  $2,200.00 due on January

  2. Rental Property Taxes $1,800.00 due on January

  3. Property Taxes for school $2,200.00 due in July

  4. Rental Taxes for school $2,200.00 due in July

  5. Primary Property insurance $870.00 due in July

  6. Rental Property Insurance $870.00 due in July

  7. California Property Annual Taxes $2,200.00 due in December

 My total Real Estate Taxes & Insurance are $12,340.00 a year. Income $15,876.00.  

These is how I spend the remaining $3,536.00 a year:

  1. Monthly expenses for Energy (*National Grid) $326.99 

  2. Monthly expenses for Cable (*Spectrum) $250.00

  3. Monthly expenses for Wireless ( *AT&T) $220.00

  4. Monthly Car Insurance (*Geico) $120.00

  5. Monthly Hyla Vacuum Financing $64.00

  6. Monthly Business Insurance $43.00 

  7. Monthly Business hosting Wix ® $120.00

  8. Tax Attorney Jackson Hewitt ® (monthly payment) of $600.00 (will be paid in full once rental income is returned)

  9. Estate Attorney (monthly payment) of $600.00 (will be paid in full once rental income is returned)

Total Monthly expenses $2,343.00, a MONTH, no food included. My salary before MS disability in 2009 was $44,588.00 a year plus bonuses. Usually, it was about $3,200.00 a month "to take home". This was Citifinancial Inc. 2009 before the collapse. Now, 13 years later, I get $1,469.00 a month, after Medicare deductions. This is how I live. Full transparency.  My formal renter still owes me $16,426.92 EXACT for the year of unpaid rent + cost of a new microwave, washer & dryer, repairs & cleaning. 

Besides the obvious, Ross & TJMaxx/Home Goods clothes & accessories shopping, you can find other ways to have a luxury-filled home on a budget. I decided to begin building a list of hidden shopping jewels on a budget. I begin with furniture. Many young couples & immigrants buy furniture from friends and family, as well as IKEA. I love new items, but I also like specific styles. You can actually find a very high-quality item, if you buy them in the Outlets with floor models. These are not thrift store items, they are just floor models or items, used by realtors for house staging. I purchased an original solid wood dresser, that was priced at $790.00 for $189.00.

Gorgeous Sofa under $300. Places like this must be shared. So, first Up on my list is "Raymour & Flanigan" Furniture and Mattress Clearance Center, 8015 Oswego Rd, Liverpool, NY 13090.

My second & third choices are Macy’s & Target. Yes, ironic. But because they are bigger retailers here, they offer bigger discounts. Sorry. I purchased all my Christmas decorations, including ornaments in Macy’s. As well as cosmetics & face care. Shipping is always Free & Fast. They are sometimes cheaper than TJMaxx, which only not always cheap. I buy my perfumes at Duty-Free Stores when

I fly. They are cheaper this way.  I prefer to buy small appliances & video games at Target & Games Stop.


Small Gadgets, unfortunately, are always better to buy DIRECTLY from developers, like Samsung Watch or Apple items. I ran into a situation with unlocked Samsung & Apple Amazon Phones, too many issues, & some are stolen. I would not recommend buying it this way. If you need new electronic gift, & ok with not having the latest, you can have better luck saving & buying from manufacturer's outlet. They all have it ~ the refurbished items section.

I love specific smells, so when it comes to candles & room deodorizers I am both fancy & simple. I order most of my candles & luxury hand soaps from Nest New York ® & Pink Zebra ®. I support Nest's Autism cause  & I love Pink Zebra's variety. I will be honest they are not cheap, but they are worthy luxury Holiday Brands.


 I have been purchasing many of my Gold & Silver jewelry from … I actually bought my first Lucida 1ct 18K white gold ring in 2001, for $99.99 at the time. I love this specific square stone setting. Now you can buy the same ring for $695.00 (Inflation, sorry). I just don’t care for real Diamonds, I personally prefer Emeralds. They have amazing jewelry pieces & they are real gold, not fake stainless steel. These are great places to get your holiday dreams to come true in Syracuse area. 

THE THINGS I Personally WANT TO HAVE. One Day.

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