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In the middle of the serious and very depressing reality, I want to stir something positive, and may be long forgotten: faith in invisible energies.

Many people post war images and daily attacks, as a part of emotional request for carrying, crying for help. I get it. But we need to learn how to re-create more positive images of the future. Especially people, who managed to escape the war "up in your face". Try to see the silver lining. WWI had ended. WWII has ended. Let's prevent the WWIII, by promoting and generating a new reality, beyond personal hurt. Imagine rebuilding. Regenerating. Try to begin looking for yourself and your future, within the invisible, that still kept you here, and alive. This invisible does not interfere, instead it teaches us how to manipulate physical reality to achieve safety.

I want to make people understand there are forces and things beyond our capacity to see, or, sometimes sense. We (our present day mind & consciousness) do not exist more then 49 days after, our physical death in the present form, but we all continuing on. Forever, as a new beings.

Feng Shui is a science of invisible environmental energy, that, either prolongs or limits our life span. Some things that can extend our life are very simple and can be done by the person themselves, if they are ready to learn. Welcome and thank you for visiting us. We hope you will benefit from our knowledge.

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