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View of the night city
Map World Colored

North East 8*3*1 

  1. Good for promotions

  2. Chance of gossip & lawsuits

  3. Good for money, real estate

  4. Good for younger male & gay male population

  5. Any negative effect of this combination is annulled by using Fire element (which is the current period itself). This means creating and participating in non-violent activities related to the Fire element. 

8 is Mountain Star

1 is Water Star


East 3*7*6 

  1. Troubled by quarrels & fights

  2. Possible robberies confrontation between younger female population & mature male or gay male population; chance of injury by metal objects during arguments

  3. Disharmonies in the family tend to arise, leading to the separation or divorce of married couples

  4. Mistresses or extramarital affairs, younger and older women could find it difficult to get along

  5. Good for attorney business

3 is Mountain Star

6 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector


South East 4*8*5

  1. Good for money & writing

  2. Brings wealth to occupants, but lack of creativity or stagnation for younger male population

  3. Gang developments are possible

  4. Use Metal element activities to improve the situation

4 is Mountain Star (Health)

5 is Water Star (Wealth)


North 1*5*8 

  1. Good for profits

  2. Misunderstandings among younger male siblings or business partners

  3. Natural Disasters are possible

1 is Mountain Star

8 is Water Star


Center 5*9*4

  1. Good for money & writing, but possible fire accidents

  2. Health pandemic or decline is possible; as well as scientific health research "break through"

  3. Luckiest sector for the middle aged females

5 is Mountain Star

4 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector


South 9*4*9 

  1. Good for writing, study & creativity

  2. Great for conceiving a smart baby

  3. Good for scholastic advancements & historical research

  4. Luckiest sector for the middle aged females

  5. Favourable combination for financial luck

  6. Occupants are blessed with good wealth luck

and many female offsprings

The LUCKIEST SECTOR between years 2024 ~ 2043.

9 is Mountain Star

9 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector


North West 6* 1 *3

  1. Good for career advancements, good for money, possibility of unexpected windfall

  2. Lucrative for law offices or legal service businesses

  3. Great for mature males & traditional/conservative families

  4. Any negative effect of this combination can be correct by using Red Earth element (using brick or terracotta material). It means creating new buildings that include brick and terracotta material layers. 

6 is Mountain Star

3 is Water Star


West 7*2*

  1. Good for military or police

  2. Good for evolving  technology sector

  3. Lesbian dominated or not the best for traditional women, generational females conflicts

  4. Double Earth 2 + 2 represents land and property

  5. Occupants are likely to enjoy high land and property ownership due to inheritance or hard work

  6. Women may exhibit lustful and domineering behaviours

7 is Mountain Star

2 is Water Star

 * possible Sex traffic sector


South West 2*6*7 

  1. Good for power & authority

  2.  Attracts wealth and nobility, but competition in business

  3. Confrontation between mature male population & female gay population;chance of injury by metal objects during arguments

  4. Younger and older women could find it difficult to get along

2 is Mountain Star

7 is Water Star


​​As history always repeats itself,  you can check historical events of the past Period 9 (1844-1864), to estimate events

of the future. As Number 9 represents Fire element, & can not exist without Wood element, professions related

to both, Wood & Fire ~ would become dominant during the next 20 years .


Because element of Water represents "Money" or "Wealth" element for Fire, specialties & professions, related to the Water element can also bring profits. Element of Metal represents "Power" for Fire, while element of Earth is Fire's "Self-Expression" or "Creativity". What does this mean in terms of the Society in the next 20 years? 

As the leader "Fire" (professions & industries, related to the Fire element) will use Metal Element industries (banks, police & law enforcement, etc.) to control both "Water" & "Wood" element industries, while anything related to

"Earth" element will evolve freely. Why use Metal? Because Metal controls Wood, and Wood is resource for the Fire

or it's fuel. I base my prediction on each sector's combination of the Flying Stars: Period Star, Mountain (Health) Star & Water (Wealth) Star.  All combinations are listed in the period chart below. 

Remember, that during negative influence (when they are untimely) the Number 3 and 4 stars can indicate increased homosexuality. Number 3 for males (gay males dominate in politics of society), and number 4 for females (lesbians dominate in politics, society or business). During this 9th Fire period both stars are considered to be "untimely".

It means in terms of sex traffic, entertainment industry and porn industry this would be dominating issue, as homosexuality will dominate markets vs. heterosexuality. During these times these periods in history are usually filled with multiple military uprisings and conflicts and birthrates usually drop. According to Wikipedia these are all military conflicts that happened during the past Period 9 (between 1844 and 1864).  As you can see, the pattern was Northern countries or territories were in conflict with the Southern Territories. All over the planet, not just in America, this includes all civil wars on all continents.

9 period

9th Feng Shui Period (2024 ~  2044)

will bring the Biggest Success to the Following Industries:

  1. Space industry, Robotics, Aeronautics;

  2. Fashion Industry, PR, Event planning, Design Industry;

  3. Feng Shui or similarly related businesses; alternative forms of Spirituality;

  4. Radiation therapy vs. Chemotherapy discoveries; Digital Communication;

  5. Gas, oil, petroleum & chemistry, will produce or discover new types of energy;  

  6. Solar energy, "Time Machine discovery"  &  MORE

  7. Genetics & Cannabis Industry; Smoke Bars, etc; 

  8. Fireman, Paramedics, + prosecution;

  9. Beauty products, cosmetics, Spas; Plastic & Cosmetic Industry specialists

  10. Restaurant industry, Culinary Arts, Spice trade Industry, Cannabis Cuisine;

  11. Graphic designers, media, robotics, cartoons, anime, pornography;

  12. Night Clubs, Sex bars, Strip Clubs; sex trafficking;

  13. Medicinal Research & discovery; Alchemy return;

  14. Psychology; Alcohol industry & Distillery research;

  15. New fuel resources, virtual characters; TV & computer industry; Plastic & 3d printing;

  16. Semiconductors & anything that utilizes light; heat, or objects to create light & heat;

  17. Artificial intelligence (AI), Internal affairs, Espionage Industry, History Research;

  18. Aromatherapy and homeopathy, Acupuncture, Mainstream Witchcraft, Archeology;

usa map
9 period
  1. Number 1 star is Water & North. Represents middle-aged males 40+, and/or middle son.

  2. Number 2 star is Earth & South West. Represents mother, grandmother, old females 55+. 

  3. Number 3 star is Wood & East. Represents eldest son, males 30+, head of household.

  4. Number 4 star is Wood & South East. Represents eldest daughter, females 30+, wife.

  5. Number 5 Yellow is Earth & Center. 

  6. Number 6 star is Metal & North West. Represents father, grandfather, elderly men 55+.

  7. Number 7 star is Metal & West. Represents youngest daughter, teen girls, young females. 

  8. Number 8 star is Earth & North East. Represents youngest son, teen boys, young males. 

  9. Number 9 star is Fire & South. Represents middle-aged females 40+, middle daughter.

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