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January 2023

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Period 9 Feng Shui

If you want to see how you would feel during the next decade

pay attention, to how you feel this upcoming January.

From January 5th up to February 4th, 2023.

 This January (calendar) has EXACT flying stars,

as the whole next period 9.  

Pay attention to all of your human interactions,

your luck in general, your money & your love.

This may indicate, what you can expect in the next 20 years. 

Pay attention, to all of the "good & evil" stars (calculator),

that show up during this month. 

They will be affecting you for the next 20 years.

Good luck.


 I want to advise women, when you see the stars

like "Bloody Knife" this can mean

this period of your life may require

surgical procedures, of any kind, miscarriages, or

difficulties conceiving, besides possible accidents. 

Always remember, one of the old secrets of trying to prevent

bad luck is to? Donate. Blood ~ for health & safety &

Money ~ for the rest. You can do it during the Holidays,

by giving Gift Cards to the Homeless, Donating to

Shelters or, just giving every day of the year.


 If you don't want or can not donate your blood ~ do

the regular Blood Work, at the beginning of each year

 in February, or, when you have a "bad" month.

 Why? Believe exists that you can

"avoid family bloodshed for a year".

When you see the stars like "Forlon" or "Solitary" stars

it may not necessarily mean loneliness or death in the family.

 It may mean this person will feel spiritually inclined,

 rather than being social. "Forlon" star Period, for example,

 could indicate children going to college & parents

feeling "empty nest". Not by choice.

"Funeral Door" may mean the person

will have a period of quiet seclusion,

a hermit-like state of mind. It does not necessarily

literally mean "Funeral".  "State of the Funeral" is

the kind of state of mind when a person is very grounded,

maybe even dull. When things seem to whither

rather than thrive & elements in a person's life,

may line up in such a way, that he/she is forced to feel this way.

This is the best period for retreats & self-contemplation.

 "Death Star"or "Death Angel" actually means a person

with great "Administrative Talent" or the "Boss Type."

And artitude like this.


Depending on language & translations

names of these stars often vary, from master to master.

But, for the most part, their meaning is the same, &

  have to be understood rhetorically or philosophically.

 People have tendencies to overagedurate events

based on their names. Don't pay too much attention

to the scary names. And do not give yourself paranoia.

At the end of the day, as of today,

 No one has ever found Physical Deathlessness. 

Also very important to remember

ALL OF THESE Stars are ONLY activated in certain cases. 

Just "Having it" does not mean anything.

Little Secret?

Their negative effect turns positive or disappears

 in the presence of the Nobleman Star or Heavenly Virtue. 

 How does it work? When you survive against all odds,

for example. This is the presence of the Noblemen Star.

Sadly, the only sign that is "missing" Nobleman is Dragon. 

 I remember hearing from chinese friend, some traditional

chinese families, avoid giving birth during this year,

unless it is their required  important ally.


after the May of  the year of the ... Rabbit.

"You don't want to have "unlucky baby".

 If the sign of Dragon is not your "best friend",

I would simply avoid days & hours of Dragon

for any important events, unless it is an emergency,

&, especially then ...  But what do poor Dragons

have to do to stay safe?  Find an astrological Ally

within your Trinity.

"Heavenly virtue, Chinese names: Tian De Gui Ren / 天德贵人

English names: Heavenly Virtue Noble, Heaven Nobleman, Heavenly Virtue

Meaning:  - this star brings happiness, health, and safety
- brings help in case of life difficulties
- turns evil into good, transforms the unfavorable aspects of the pillar
- a person with this star can always count on the help of others in case of trouble
- brings goodness and compassion to the chart owner
- a person with this star willingly helps the weaker, poor, and children
- this star can be compared to a virtuous heavenly messenger
- having this star does not necessarily mean no trouble at all,
but it brings help

in case of trouble and gives an internal moral sense. ." ~READ More


Noblemen is something most Christians would call "Guardian Angel".

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Couple on Date


9th Feng Shui Period (2023 ~  2043)

will bring the Biggest Success


to the Following Industries:

  1. Aromatherapy and homeopathy, Acupuncture, Mainstream Witchcraft;

  2. Feng Shui or similarly related businesses, Design Industry;

  3. Beauty products, cosmetics; Spas, Psychology;

  4. Artificial intelligence (AI), Internal affairs, Espionage Industry, History Research;

  5. Fashion Industry, Event planning;

  6. The restaurant industry, Culinary Arts, Spice trade Industry, Cannabis Cuisine;

  7. Genetics & Cannabis Industry; Smoke Bars, etc;

  8. Night Clubs, Sex bars, Strip Clubs; Alcohol industry & Distillery research;

  9. Alternative forms of Spirituality; Medicinal Research & discovery; Alchemy return;

  10.  Graphic designers, media, robotics, cartoons, anime, pornography, sex trafficking;

  11. New fuel resources, virtual characters; TV & computer industry; Plastic & 3d printing,

  12. Digital Communication; Space industry, Robotics, Aeronautics;

  13. Fireman, Paramedics, Plastic & Cosmetic Industry specialists, prosecution;

  14. Gas, oil, petroleum & chemistry, will produce new types of energy;  

  15. Semiconductors & anything that utilizes light, Heat, or objects to create light & heat;

  16. Radiation therapy vs. Chemotherapy discoveries;

  17.  Social media, Solar energy;

  18. "Time Machine discovery"  &  MORE

Last Period 9, which had begun in the year of the Water Rabbit, was the year 1844.

As history always repeats itself,  you can check historical events of the past, to estimate events of the future.

This period would be more successful for the monetary or prosperity aspect of people's lives, but not very good for humans or relationships.  It also depends on each person's life period. Please do not assume that Future Prosperity ~ means this for everyone. It all depends on what you have done years before. If you have been blowing through savings, to cover gambling debts in part 10 years, this 20-year period would not make you any richer, sorry. If you have a low Qi decade in your life, this would be an excellent time to retire from the public eye, at least temporarily. Diplomacy may be required for most contracts. People will tend to compete, rather than a partner. Having Mountain in the South sector or direction is the safest external environment. 

Chid birthrates, as well as official marriages, would probably drop, globally in the next 20 years. Couples will prefer to adopt a pet, rather than give birth to offspring no one needs.  This probably will have a lot to do with

the stream of Worldwide immigration, which left many families with huge generational gaps, no grandparents, parents & many single parents, often separated by the continents. This would be a period of many unexpected changes & turns in our society, as a whole. In terms of Flying Stars, Number 2, or South West or Female's Power,  

will win over North East's Number 8 before 60 years of male dominance. 


In a wake of the "New age of Pornography", I think, AI, Sex Dolls, cybernetic sex & VR sex, are probably going

to be the most profitable & evolved industries, during the next 20 years. Not the real" flash & blood prostitutes",

as they are, usually, represented by Yin Metal  (*NOT Yang Metal, as they are, usually,  work for prosecution*), but the virtual ones, Fire Element or Virtual reality once would present "a real danger to the family sector" during the 9th period. 

 Stocks, I want to invest in & I believe will bring HUGE MARGINAL profits,

during the following 20 years, are the stocks related to:

Bitcoins, Etherium, or any cryptocurrency, in general,  as well as

Biotech, Space Industry, "Incurable Disorders" Health Research,

AI, Plastic Surgery ResearchCoffee, Cannabis & Wine.

~MVParrish * Marinapolis & Co LLC ©

The element of Wood & its industries would be the "Fueling" Element of this period. It will help to make profits, keep stability, support & will help achieve success. You need a textile, for example, a Wood element, for the

Fashion Industry. You need to learn the literature (Wood Element), create scenarios or storylines (entertainment is a Fire element), etc.

Water Element industries would bring Money to the men & Power to the women, during the 9th period. You need to be a good psychologist, understand your customer base, sell for profit, etc.  Water element also supports Wood.

Metal element in direct conflict with the Period Element of Fire. This interaction can cause conflicting situations, as well as amazing historical break thoughts during the next decade.


The period itself is also related to the Fire & industry of History. It may bring some interesting historical archeological & space discoveries. 

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