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Where do you begin?

Your self discovery begins with finding your MAIN or DAY MASTER element.

Once you make your birth bazi chart, this element is the Heavenly stem of the Day you are born in,

based on HOUR, DAY, MONTHS & YEAR Combination. 

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Next, find your "Friends & Foes"

Once you know your Day Master element, you can located elements, that are your enemies & friends, so to speak.

If you need to know, what "the Earth Penalty" is ~ email me.


Who is your friend & "Who is your Daddy"? 

Each element as you know, has Yin & Yan g qualities. Based on who we are, we can determine which side of each element supports us, & which side causes us to experience losses. These are also directly connected to each elements's interaction with our own: support or conflict cycle.  This information is very important, especially

when we get attracted to the people, who are our opposites.

Finally, but not last, you study & research your Life Periods (Luck decades)

Your self-discovery is  your "luck decades", to project possibilities of your success.  Sometimes, how we  feel, is not exactly how we may appear to others. People can perceive us wrong way during the certain periods. Once you know this, you can determine your luck possibilities, failures or recovery options for each decade of your life. Even if we

can not prevent all tragedies, we can at least be prepared, for the upcoming bumps on the life road. 



This represented by the  Decade's Heavenly Steam element



This represented by the  Decade's Earthly  Branch element


"The term "Shén Shā" is sometimes translated literally as "gods and devils", but in-fact they do not relate to

any ghosts or celestial beings; in this case, shen (神) means beneficial influence and sha (煞) means baleful influence."


 The Symbolic Stars in your Bazi chart are MORE IMPORTANT than the Symbolic stars in the decade. However,

they all need to be reviewed. Do not go into panic mode after the word Death Star or "Wang Shen". Sometimes,

it means "the Break Through". And remember, NOT ALL  "Peach Blossoms"   ~  are good. Some can lead to tragedies.

 And last, you need to study & research
the Symbolic stars

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