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Alchemy of Day Master

It is very interesting to see the personality with emotional and intellectual side of each Bazi Day Master combination based on each element's character.

First I want to explain why I like to do this analysis. It keeps brain trained, it keeps your understanding of the patterns and logical connections fresh. Most important it teaches to concentrate and analyze, at the same time. Eventually, you will simply begin recognizing the patterns when you will see the chart, without need to look for a book or notes from the class.

So, back to Bazi.

Take for example day Masters: Jia Shen ~ Yang Wood Monkey (Yang Metal), and, Ren Wu ~ Yang Water Horse (Yang Fire). Compare all characteristics of each element and then image how conflicting this person can be, what personality he/she has. Then try to express the opposite elements in different order Bing Zi for example, Yang Fire Rat (Yang Water). Finally, analyze

Yi Mao ~ Yin Wood Rabbit (Yin Wood).

This is a full personality spectrum of the person with following chart:

iChing : 19 (annual branch), 57 (monthly branch), 64 (day master), 27 (hour branch)

Wood over Metal

Person striving for Expansion and Contraction, at the same time, he is searching for Purpose and Order, he is a Pioneer and Alchemist, preoccupied with Work and Rituals. He is compelled to Win and to Control, he seeks the Perfect Cause within the Perfect System, tends to stay Risky and Busy, yet Follows High Order and Make Judgements. He is afraid to Be Helpless and be Corrupt.

For this person, this combination represent Day Master or self-element and life period between age of 25-45, relationships with partner, spouse, lover, if any. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 64 or Nearing Completion

Water over Fire

Person striving for Consolidation and Fusion, at the same time, he is searching for Truth and Fulfillment, he is a Philosopher and Wizard, preoccupied with Secrets and Stimulation. He is compelled to Criticize and to Consume, he seeks the Perfect Teacher and the Perfect Lover, tends to seek Solitude and Avoid Exposure, yet seeks Excitement and wants to make contacts. He is afraid to Be Extinct and be Cut Off.

For this person's life this combination represent month branch and life period between 12(15)-25, relationships with parents and siblings, if any. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 57 or Gentle Penetration

Fire above the Water

Person striving for Fusion and Consolidation, he is searching for Fulfillment and Truth, he is a Wizard and Philosopher, preoccupied with Stimulation and Secrets, at the same time. He is compelled to Consume and Criticize, he seeks the Perfect Lover and the Perfect Teacher, seeks Excitement and wants to make contacts, but then seeks Solitude and tends to Avoid Exposure. He is afraid to be Cut Off and Become Extinct.

For this person this combination represent hour branch and life period between 45+ until end of life, relationships with children, grandchildren, if any. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 27 or Nourishment

Wood on the Grass

Person striving for Expansion and searching for Purpose, he is a Pioneer, preoccupied with Work.

He is compelled to Win and seeks the Perfect Cause, tends to stay Risky and Busy, yet  is afraid

to Be Helpless. His emotional addiction is to be Aroused, his sexual value is More , better, longer.

With the Wood Over Grass, however I would have to say with Woods being Yin, rather then Yang, all of the above qualities can be either both minimized, as well as expressed as negative opposites. It means instead of being preoccupied with Work, person can refuse to work or quit and decide to live in seclusion and serenity, enjoying non-commercial causes. Instead of expansion, he/she can choose to go in opposite direction. In the above example you can see that person is predominantly Yang, Yin Wood can be most likely expresses as an opposite.

In the general chart analysis, this period in person's life (Annual Branch) represent birth, earlier childhood, up to the age of 12-15, relationships with grandparents and family elders. If you have these combination in client's chart you can ask questions to confirm weather or not this period in their life was positive, busy, filled with studies, or this was a period of minimal activities. This way you can determine this particular combination's effect on the particular person's life. Within iChing hexagram chart this is a number 19 or Approach of Spring.

When it comes to any combination of the elements with the same or similar qualities, it is always important to confirm effect of the combination on the particular person. Each person is very different.

When you look at iChing analysis of the chart during each period, you can predict what and how person may feel and what events or emotions he may experience during these years.

These are some other charts with different set of energies to play with:

iChing : 57, 5, 35, 11

May 7, 2002

iChing : 47, 21, 26, 12

January 14, 2004

iChing : 64, 35, 61, 25

November 8, 2004

iChing : 27, 61, 2, 10

March 28, 1996

iChing : 23, 63, 7, 38

February 13, 1983

iChing : 22, 58, 25, 39

April 23, 1973 - April 6, 2019

iChing : 16, 28, 41, 12

June 17, 1947 - October 14, 1997

iChing : 30, 52, 25, 7

October 21, 1950

iChing : 63, 37, 11, 52

February 23, 1914 - August 17, 2000

iChing : 41, 12, 5, 60

November 7, 1927 - July 10, 2010

iChing : 43, 21, 53, 62

January 17, 1954



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