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How to transform a Bad luck into the Good luck

After my spouse was diagnose and passed away within a month from Leukemia in April of 2019, I decided to concentrate on improving my own life and the lives of my sons. I sustained over $116K in financial loses, while living in California between 2007 and 2021. Feng Shui became my priority number 1. I researched and analyzed every possible location on US, where all of us , together, could be successful and happy, safe, and, not prematurely killed.

Before my spouse passed away, between 1998 and 2019, I did the same things, considered

Feng Shui of every place we rented or purchased, but I did not consider an actual location of

our relocations ... I realized, that our demise must have been, at least partially, contributed to

the wrong Real Estate purchase location. But. My marriage date selection saved me from being broke after my spouse's death.

I looked into multiple systems of Astrology, from Jyotish to Qi Men Dun Jia and determined:

CNY are, Lake Placid, NY and Vermont Mountain Region came as a primary locations choices in USA. In Europe it was either Ireland, London area or ... Rome, Italy. In South America it was a Patagonia Region ...

So, I bough two house in CNY. One for rent and one to live in. I have to say ~ it takes patience and a lot of determination to do this. If you knew that you can get killed somewhere, at about 99% accuracy, would you still visit this place?

My advise? JUST DON'T GO THERE. Do not test your luck. Getting information "as a warning" is rare. Most people don't pay attention to warning like this. Which is too bad.



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