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Flickering hallway lights and "Hungry Ghosts" stars 7-8-9

I had several maintenance issues right after I had moved in to my current home in August of 2021. One is that light in the dining room in the East and hallway from the center to the West were flickering. One of two electricians I spoke with after checking all circuits were joking:

"It must be a Ghost". Which made me laugh as a Feng Shui Practitioner. But one day I decided to replace both lights, and called a very good electric company.

This time when the guy opened old lamp and took it off the wires we noticed that insulation under the wires were ... burned. Wires were so faulty, electric fire was about to start. I promptly replaced all old light fixtures in the house that day. But to be honest, main reason I decided to replace hallway light was flying stars combination I actually have there: 7- 8-9 "Chance of Fire Accidents". Combination 7-9 means fire hazard. This flickering began to bother me, and after adding additional electrical line upstairs it did not stop, I figures it must be light fixtures wiring. And I replaced them all. I think I was right on time, as the insulation lining of the old lamp was already very visibly damaged by melted wire. So, may be other electricians were right, "it was a Ghost who told me" ...



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