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Unlock the Locked house during the 9th period

This "energetic lock" effects all homes, built during the last 8th period (between 2004-2024), period 7 (1984-2004) that are facing/sitting either: E1, W1, NW3, or SE 3.

What does locked energy means? When the Water star or the Mountain star match the period star and located together at the center. It simple means stars loose their benefits, if they can not move, by being "locked" in the middle.

In order to unlock this energy you can literally open the ceiling and create a skylight, window on the roof with the view of the skies. Or you can use 5 Yellow Water star to unblock the lock. What does this mean? Find the corresponding 5 Yellow Water star on your house chart and open the space between center and 5 yellow. Remove the door or wall, if you have one there or instal new clear glass door. Small trick, if you can not do anything: hang the mirror in the center with the view of 5 yellow sector.

You can also use Outdoor Water adjacent to the sector containing either Mountain or Water 5 yellow. Do not forget to check your landscape. If your house sits on the hill, has a higher ground behind with much lower elevation below or has stairs, that lead to the front door this lock is already partly cured.

I happened to have a kitchen in the center. I have a sink in the direction of South with Water 5 Yellow star for unlocking center 9, with a window to the backyard, and, laundry utility sink downstairs on the first floor. I did not have to do much to unlock it. My open floor plan helped.



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